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Thank you to everyone who has publicly, or privately, shared their experience of sexual assault. The impact of your visibility will, eventually and undoubtedly, channel the evolution of our nation toward a more accurate, living interpretation of liberty. Also, thank you to everyone who responded, in your individual ways . . .
new lgbtq history in ma

NEW! LGBTQ History in MA

History UnErased’s founders, Debra Fowler and Miriam Morgenstern, participated in the recent revision of the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework as the LGBTQ history and women’s history Content Advisors. Curious about what students will be learning?
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A key turning point for Gay Rights and the LGBT movement came in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, when the patrons of the Stonewall Inn in New York City's Greenwich Village fought back against police harassment.
50 ways orb

50 Ways

COMING SOON! UnErased! ReFraming the Lens of History resource book answers the what, where, and how to infuse LGBT+-inclusive history and academic content in a cross-curricular approach. Grades 9+
in middle school and trans NEW BLOG

In Middle School and Trans

Uh, hi. You guys already know me. I'm here to talk to you about gender. I was standing in front of my 7th grade class at my teacher's suggestion. She thought that if they understood enough about gender, the other students would start using my pronouns, which, at the time were they/them.
unerasing in poland NEW blog

UnErasing in Poland

Every day I look forward to a time when I can hold my boyfriend’s hand, and not worry about being beaten,” wrote Lukasz, one of my students at the University of Warsaw. Lukasz and his friends Basha and Aleksandra attended the weekly LGBT meetings
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Justinis to Justice

Justinis Kerner (1786 – 1862) was a German physician and poet. When he began losing his eyesight, he focused solely on composing poems. When he dripped blobs of ink onto his paper, he chose to use the “blots” as creative inspiration instead of throwing the paper away.