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There is a vast pool of people and talent that the world is missing - from our collective past and from our present world. Right now, someone who has so much to offer this world will be absent, fall behind, lose confidence, fail, drop out, not graduate, not find their affinity, not become great, not contribute.
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What Students Are Saying

I love teaching -€“ and the privilege of interacting with young people who represent every corner of the world. While in the classroom, I was continually reminded of the wisdom of youth and their capacity for sophisticated understanding and compassion.
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UnErasing History

The other night, I was watching a TV show (ok, binge watching a series) and in one scene the investigators used invisible ink on some paper currency to find where the embezzlers were stowing the money (bonus points if you know which show I?m referring to ? hint: the cash was found under the bathroom vanity).