About Us


History UnErased is putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place - the classroom.

Our mission is ensuring all students, today and beyond, learn a more complete story of America and a more accurate reflection of who "We the people" includes. This is allowing genuine understanding and equality to take root in rising generations while improving the history, civics, and social studies education all students receive.


Reach and Impact

The idea to found History UnErased began in one classroom in 2014. To date, over ten thousand K-12 educators are now teaching our curriculum in nearly 3,000 schools in 16 states, reaching mainstream classrooms and impacting approximately 3,000,000 students annually. 


Theory of Change

We believe LGBTQ visibility and representation in the history, civics, and social studies education all students receive will create classrooms, communities, and a country where all LGBTQ people live freely and with dignity — advancing the ideals of American democracy.


What Students Are Learning and How We Support Teachers

Our Intersections & Connections curriculum is LGBTQ-inclusive through an intersectional, contextualized approach to history, civics, and social studies education. Students are able to engage with relatable content as they approach their learning, whether it be race, gender, ethnicity, and/or nationality. This ensures dignity and equitable representation for all students in the story of "We the People." And our unique, whole-school partnership model ensures educators are well-supported in perpetuity.


high school student


Students Are at the Center of Everything We Do

Our curriculum broadens students' understanding of history and helps them make civics-based connections to the topics that surround them in today's world. This broader understanding of history is a powerful method to advance the ideals of American democracy, as students' learning takes root and spreads into their friendships, school culture, and a more welcoming society. 

"This is just history! It happened. We have a right to learn about this." - Student


Amber, grade 8 teacher


Teachers Are Critical to Our Mission

Classroom teachers impact students' lives, school culture, and the community at large in many ways. And in their classrooms, in addition to the content they teach, they are the arbiters of acceptance, belonging, and respect. We listen to what teachers need and incorporate their feedback into the ongoing refinement of our curriculum, which is critical to advancing our mission.

"Your curriculum is academically rigorous and inspiring and my students love it!" - Amber

"Like History UnErased, we want to make sure that the students and educators who come after us are not just better off, but are better than us, better at understanding, better at empathy, better at creating a world where all people belong." - Tina L. Haefner, National Council for the Social Studies President


Our team of experts weave their unique experience into History UnErased's curriculum content, professional learning services, and behind-the-scenes operations.



Kathleen Barker

Kathleen Barker (she/her) is a library and information specialist and public historian with over 20 years of experience as a museum and library educator. She is our program director and lead professional learning facilitator, as well as developing and hosting our UnErasing LGBTQ History and Identities "Deep Dives and Backstories" podcast episodes. Kathleen also provides training on diversifying classroom collections and school libraries and has co-authored some of History UnErased's thematic units and case studies. 



Dinah Mack

Dinah Mack (she/her) is our youth equity program director, professional learning facilitator, and produces our UnErasing LGBTQ History and Identities "Deep Dives and Backstories" podcast episodes. She is a former, veteran middle school Social Studies educator and has Master's degrees in both Education and Cultural Anthropology. Dinah is the author of two books and has worked as a freelance curriculum writer, technology integrationist, and K-12 teaching coach.



Basel Touchan, M.D.

Basel Touchan, M.D. (he/him) is a professional learning facilitator and content developer. Holding an M.D. from Aleppo University, Syria, he combines his healthcare and educational expertise to propel DEIB initiatives in both education and public health. He also serves on the Board of the ACLU of Kentucky and holds a position as Commissioner on the Mayor’s International Affairs Advisory Commission. His research and writings have been showcased in the Journal of Endocrinology, the Washington Blade, and more.



J Eric Fisher

J Eric Fisher (he/they) is a professional learning facilitator, teaching coach, and content developer. He has a Master’s degree in Educational Theater and English Education with a focus on theater for social justice and community-engaged dialogue. Eric is a former, veteran kindergarten to middle school educator for the New York City Department of Education, and also a research activist and ethnographic performance-maker. His out-of-school time work folds in learners of all ages, from age three and up. 



Jocardo Ralston

Jocardo Ralston (he/him) is a professional learning facilitator, teaching coach, and content developer. He is a veteran special education educator, working with students within restrictive classroom environments. He is in the second year of his doctoral studies in the Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, and his research delves into the intersections of Queer identity, BIPOC identity, and restrictive special education placements for students identified with behavioral difficulties.



Danny Roberts

Danny Roberts (he/him) is our operations manager. He studied foreign Language Education and French at the University of Georgia, and soon after graduation he found himself on one of the earlier seasons of  MTV's "Real World" (New Orleans) and became one of a few groundbreakers OUT on national television. His season drew attention to the controversial "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy of the US military due to his on-screen relationship with a covert US army captain. From there, he began LGBTQ advocacy work and then technology startup talent recruiting.



Triana Wilson

Triana Wilson (she/her) is a professional learning facilitator and specialist in LGBTQ inclusion in multicultural, multilingual classrooms and learning environments. She is a former, veteran high school educator serving new immigrant and refugee students and connects LGBTQ cultural competency with public health policy and services.



Janaya Little

Janaya Little (she/her) is a professional learning facilitator. She is in the second year of her doctoral studies in the Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education Ph.D. program at the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania, and has taught elementary-level students and middle school English and History in Tennessee and Massachusetts. 



Mor Erlich

Mor Erlich (he/him/Mor) is our video content creator and animator. His visual design, 2D animation, and motion graphics are woven into the primary source materials to bring our Intersections & Connections curriculum to life. Mor is the visionary and creator of the Sez Me web series, a multidisciplinary educational program to facilitate conversations about gender and identity with people of all ages. Mor was a referral specialist for the LGBT Center in New York City and has worked with homeless LGBTQ youth at the Ali Forney Center. Currently, Mor balances his work with History UnErased with his work as a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) coach.


Leslie Anne

Leslie Anne Frye-Thomas

Leslie Anne Frye-Thomas (she/her) is a professional learning facilitator and content creator. She has extensive experience as a Creative Consultant, Senior Copywriter, and manager of multi-platform content creation. Leslie has a Bachelor of Arts in Screenwriting and was the Stonewall National Museum, Archives & Library National Education Program Manager and consultant. Leslie balances her work as Creative Director and Senior Copywriter for Reel Stories Creative with her work with History UnErased.



Becca Veth

Becca Veth (she/her) is a multi-faceted contributor and assistant to our team. She holds Master's degrees in both Licensed Professional Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy and is an advisor and co-facilitator for our customized training for school counselors and social workers. Becca also manages monthly reporting to various offices within the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) in support of our ongoing contractual work, as well as managing communications with NYC DOE educators and leadership teams. 



Timmy Al Muntafik

Fatima (Timmy) Al Muntafik (they/them) is an ambassador for History UnErased. They are an accomplished musician and taught elementary and secondary-level Arabic Language and Musical Arts courses in Baghdad, Iraq, before moving to the United States in 2015. Before taking the role of Admissions Counselor for Diversity at Middlesex Community College, Timmy was a professional learning facilitator for History UnErased.



Aliza Kapel

Aliza Kapel (she/her) is a professional learning facilitator. Her expertise is in high school-level history curriculum development and she is a veteran, former middle school and high school social studies educator in the Bronx. Aliza holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Washington State University and a Master's degree in Social Studies Secondary Education from Lehman College.



Mor Erlich

Lydia Howrilka (she/her) is a professional learning facilitator and coordinator of special programming for New York City educators. Lydia is an accomplished veteran, former classroom educator and Library professional, and currently serves as a dedicated Teen Specialist at the New York Public Library, where she passionately engages with and supports the intellectual growth of youth. 



Warren Blumenfeld

Dr. Warren Blumenfeld (they/them) is a researcher, content developer, and guest speaker. They were a member of the Gay Liberation Front in Washington, DC in the early 1970s and their activism propelled them into academia. They have taught a variety of College of Education courses at Colgate, Iowa State University, and now at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Warren is a prolific writer and is the author of "The What, The So What, and The Now What of Social Justice Education" and co-editor of "Readings for Diversity and Social Justice."



Hadiel Mohamed

Hadiel Mohamed (she/her) is an advisor to our leadership team and professional learning facilitator. Within both roles, she provides equity-oriented guidance drawing upon her specialization in cross-cultural dialogue and liberatory education. She has a Master’s degree in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management and is focused on transforming systems and mindsets so that minoritized people can live a life of authenticity void of harm.



Tiferet (Tif) Ani

Tiferet (Tif) Ani (she/they=shey) is a professional learning facilitator. Shey is a former veteran middle school and high school social studies educator, then the Social Studies Content Specialist for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland. Tif is currently a Doctoral Student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education.



Allegra Kogan

Allegra Kogan (she/her) is a professional learning facilitator. She is a former middle school English Language Arts teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she was one of a few OUT educators. Allegra holds a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies from Davidson College, and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Winthrop University. 


Behind the Scenes Talent



Jayson Caluag

Jayson Caluag (he/him) is our graphic designer and brand specialist. He is one of the first members of our team and has created hundreds of unique designs to capture the essence of every component, and time period, of our Intersections & Connections curriculum. Prior to joining History UnErased, Jayson was a Senior Graphic Artist for Halcyon Digital Media Design, Inc.



Marilyn Valiente

Marilyn Valiente (she/her) is a multi-faceted contributor and assistant to our leadership team. She is our lead generation specialist, researcher, and communications and networking strategist. She is one of the first members of our team and her skills and expertise continue to expand History UnErased's professional affiliations and connections with potential K-12 schools and districts as contracted partners. 



Johan Hoyos (he/him) is our web architect and manager of both the digital curriculum platform and our public-facing website. He is one of the first members of our team and has woven years of feedback into the features and functionality of our curriculum platform to provide the most intuitive, high-quality experience for teachers and students alike. Johan is also meeting the needs of staff with streamlined and efficient tools to manage school accounts and communications with partner schools. 

Johan is from Colombia and is one of co-founder Deb Fowler's former ELL students.




Debra Fowler headshot


Deb Fowler, Co-founder and Executive Director 

Deb's path to the education profession began with her service in the United States Army as a Korean linguist, prior to the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. (Her story is featured in Vincent Cianni’s award-winning book Gays in the Military). After teaching English at a private academy on the outskirts of Ulsan, South Korea, she returned to the United States in 2004 and spent the next decade teaching English and a variety of humanities courses to new immigrants and refugees at a large, urban, truly diverse high school. During that time, she produced two documentary films, Hard Truth, Levity, and Hope (2011) and Through Gay Eyes (2013) to promote awareness of students and families who are ignored, marginalized, or excluded within the public school system.

Deb has worked closely with experts to develop Intersections and Connections curriculum, participated in the most recent revision of the Massachusetts History and Social Sciences Curriculum Framework as the LGBTQ history Content Advisor, co-authored the National Council for the Social Studies Position Statement on LGBTQ+ History, and speaks at state and national conferences about the urgent need for LGBTQ-inclusive, intersectional curriculum.

"I feel a sense of urgency, every day, to get our curriculum into more classrooms because I know, from first-hand experience, it is affirming lives, changing lives, and most importantly saving lives.” - Deb Fowler


Miriam Morgenstern headshot

Miriam Morgenstern, Co-founder  

Teacher, teacher trainer, curriculum developer and entrepreneur, Miriam has had over 30 years to develop her philosophy that children and adults are natural learners, and in the optimum environment, they have the capacity for deep learning and boundless creativity. Since co-founding History UnErased, Miriam has worked closely with other experts to develop Intersections and Connections curriculum, exploring topics ranging from gender roles in colonial Jamestown to the economic impact of discrimination today. Prior to this, Miriam taught history and English to non-native speakers in a large urban high school, where she developed innovative programs and mentored new teachers.

Miriam developed and taught the nation's first and only Cambodian Culture and Conflict course and created international teacher exchange programs that are still in place today. Miriam is the recipient of numerous awards for teaching excellence and was chosen by the government of Cambodia to facilitate Cambodia's first Genocide National Teacher Training Program in Phnom Penh. Miriam received a B.S. in Politics from Brandeis University and M.S. TESL from SUNY Albany.

“Teachers cannot be expected to teach what they haven't learned themselves. Teachers need high-quality training, a curriculum they can easily integrate, and ongoing support. Teachers are vital to our mission.” - Miriam Morgenstern


Bryan Nadeau headshot

Bryan Nadeau, Board Chair

Bryan Nadeau is a Strategic Leadership Advisor who brings decades of experience to growing History UnErased's leadership team with a focus on strategic planning, building intentional organizational culture, and maintaining morale in the face of disruptive change. He has held senior leadership positions at Pacific Bell and Kaiser Permanente, and founded a successful production company, where he built an extensive portfolio of clients, such as Bank of America, Pacific Bell, AT&T, and Microsoft. His work on a children’s television program resulted in a regional Emmy Award. He uses and builds on that wide-ranging leadership experience to advance History UnErased's mission.

Bryan holds a B.A. from Oklahoma State University and a Professional Coach certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. In addition, he holds a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation and a Certified Systemic Team Coach Practitioner qualification from the Global Team Coaching Institute.

“From the moment I was first introduced to History UnErased, I understood the power of being seen and the positive impact that brings to the LGBTQ community and beyond. I am passionate about getting this curriculum in every school across the country.” - Bryan Nadeau

We will be announcing new Board Members during back-to-school season!