Professional Affiliations

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Library of Congress TPS Consortium

New York City Department of Education

Massachusetts Department of Education

National Council for the Social Studies

ONE Archives at USC Libraries


National Council for History Education

Organization of American Historians

National Park Service

Middlesex Community College

American LGBTQ+ History Museum


"Like History UnErased, we want to make sure that the students and educators who come after us are not just better off, but are better than us, better at understanding, better at empathy, better at creating a world where all people belong." – Tina L. Haefner, President of NCSS

History UnErased is a 501(c)3 education non-profit entirely dedicated to providing K-12 schools with the curriculum and training they need to teach LGBTQ-inclusive, intersectional history within the mainstream curriculum. Our professional affiliations understand that History UnErased's curriculum and professional learning for K-12 schools and districts is a teaching and learning initiative that benefits all students and every stakeholder in K-12 education.