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Do you want to help bring History UnErased's curriculum into a school in your state? You can!

Most people, including educators, don't realize LGBTQ history is missing in the mainstream curriculum. Your outreach to schools will help spread awareness about the critical need to put LGBTQ history in its rightful place–the classroom.

Tell your favorite history teacher about us! You can also copy and paste the text below in an email to a school principal, social studies chair, director of curriculum and instruction, superintendent, and/or school committee members. Thank you. Your voice matters!

I am pleased to introduce you to History UnErased, an education non-profit with the nation's first and only complete K-12 LGBTQ US history curriculum. Their curriculum aligns with all state frameworks and unerases LGBTQ history as it intersects with race, gender, class, nationality, and other aspects of America's identity. Their curriculum package consists of three intertwined components: digital curriculum, virtual training, and ongoing support and special programming available every month. History UnErased's curriculum reflects over eight years of research and development and their professional affiliations speak to the value and respect their curriculum receives.

History UnErased's primary-sourced-based digital curriculum features thematic units, case studies (some offered in Spanish too), as well as interactive games, posters, podcasts, videos, analysis tools, and much more. The curriculum is designed to meet history and social studies standards for elementary, middle, or high school-level courses. They include virtual professional development, specifically designed for elementary or secondary-level educators and school staff. And their ongoing mentorship is accessed through their monthly office hours and other special programming designed to support educators from across the country teaching their curriculum.

History UnErased is more than a collection of lessons or a series of professional development modules. They offer a unique and sustainable curriculum model that is a one-time cost for schools or districts providing ongoing support with automatic updates, revisions, and addition of new curriculum content. Also, teachers and school administrators may be concerned about potential pushback from parents, community members, and maybe even students. Because of that possibility, History UnErased's professional learning is designed to prepare teachers and schools to address those concerns head-on to dispel any misperceptions and allay any fear. 

History UnErased was featured on CBS News in June 2021. In this 10-minute clip, which features a Bronx high school, you will meet one of the founders and learn more about the organization's mission. You can watch on their About Us page.


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